Discovering Desert Diversity Exhibit

On display August 5 – October 2, 2022

Opening Reception – Friday, August 19, 2022, 6:00PM to 8:00PM

Artists from Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern California have contributed their work to this exhibit. All accepted artists were chosen by SAQA juror Ann Morton.

The desert region of the American southwest is a highly complex ecosystem full of life and diversity. It contains unique climates and land formations, as well as many resourceful plants, animals and humans that have adapted to live here. From the valleys of the Sonoran, Mohave and Chihuahuan deserts to the high desert and brush regions of the mountains there is an endless resource for beauty and inspiration drawn upon by our selected artists.

To purchase artwork, please contact Laurene Austin by email or (602) 254-7399 x105. 30% of the proceeds from your purchase are tax-deductible and benefit the Herberger Theater’s outreach and education programs.

The art gallery is open Monday through Friday, 12PM to 4:30PM and during performances. Enter through the Box Office.


Timeless Beauty by Linda Anderson
Cotton fabric, cotton batting, textile paints, polyester thread (48"x36")
Tiger Whiptail Lizard by Lys Axelson
Ultrasuede, batting, cotton fabric, polyester stuffing, wire armature, glass seed beads, nylon thread, cotton and poly/cotton thread (5"x9"x24")
Catch Me If You Can by Linda Fjeldsted Blust
Cotton fabric, wire, Poly-Fil stuffing, paint, lace, yarn, beads, buttons, fabric stiffener, polymer clay, wood, assorted found objects (24"x6"x18")
Not For Sale
Awakening by Betty Busby
Cotton, non wovens (31"x16"x16")
Handsome Mule by Julee Coffman
Commercial batik and other fabrics.; misty fuse and feather for eyelash (26"x18")
Not For Sale
Slot Canyon 4C by Vicki Conley
Cotton, wool batting, various threads (34"x27")
Spiky by Deb Deaton
Silk top fabric, silk batting, batik backing, silk thread, oil color pencils, Tsukineko ink, Valdani cotton threads (23"x32")
Not For Sale
Melody's Bobcat by Nicole Dunn
Commercial and hand dyed cotton fabrics, Cotton and wool batting. (34.5"x43")
Winter Trees by Nicole Dunn
Cotton, silk, silk velvet fabrics, beads, cotton batting (32"x18")
Gila Monster by Marion Emerson
Black whole cloth velveteen, Japanese silk, cotton, dimensional fabric paint, acrylic paint (35"x54")
Quirky Quail Critter #1 by Laurie Fagen
Machine quilted commercial fabrics over gourds with wired fiber plumes, crystal, fiber clay with granite rocks, leaves, moss, silk grass and raku leaves; fiber clay on wood (15"x4.5"x6")
But It Is a Dry Heat by Georgia Heller
Commercial and hand-painted cotton fabrics, acid-free inks, polyester thread (31"x26")
Spiritual Intersection II by Patti Hunter
Cotton fabric, batting, thread (42"x31.5")
Look Closely, But Do Not Touch by Margit Kagerer
Cotton fabric, 80/20 batting, various threads (58"x46")
Cattails by Debra Kay
Cheesecloth, camo organza, rafia woven mat, batiks (26"x22")
Not For Sale
Colors of the Desert by Nancy Kirk
Mixed media - tulle, cottons, weft interfacing, Fosshape, Tsukineko inks, threads (20"x22"x22")
Palm Canyon by Roberta Lagomarsini
Commercial cotton fabrics; prom dress material; cotton, rayon; polyester thread, wonderunder; bamboo batting (55"x36")
Petrified Log, var. 2 by Mary Ellen Latino
Silk broadcloth, cotton, dyed fabrics, photo, Mistyfuse, foil, thread (25"x32")
Moonlight Mania by Kathleen McCabe
Commercial cottons, fusible web, batting, thread (23"x23")
Antelope Canyon II by Nelda McComb
Digitally printed photo; cotton, silk, polyester, rayon thread, commercial fabric, inks (33.25"x26.75")
Agave by Linda McCurry
100% cotton, hand-dyed and over-dyed. 100% cotton prints, batting, rayon thread, cotton yarn (49.5"x20.5")
Bisbee Lizard by Anne Moats
Commercial cotton fabrics; Tsukineko inks (31"x31")
Excess by Ann Morton
Handwoven double weave cloth - cotton warp and pre-used plastic shopping bags as weft, found purse frame (72")
Not For Sale
Sunset Arizona, Summer 2013 by Frances Murphy
Commercial fabrics (34.5"x34.5")
After the Rains by Jackie Nixon-Fulton
Commercial and hand-dyed fabrics, fusible web, water soluble stabilizer, cotton batting, variety of threads, tulle, gauze (24"x18")
Sonoran Poppy Trio by Stephanie Nordlin
Recycled, marbled and new silks, beads, perle cotton, paint, stiffener (38.5"x40.5")
Complete Isolation by Kathy Piper
Cottons, silks, silk organza, cotton and polyester threads (20.5"x30.5")
Enchanted Desert, Lavender Fields by Tara Ritacco
Hand painted silk background, cotton batik, lace, cross-dyed velvet, lame and tulle, wool batting, dried lavender floral buds (24"x22")
Spring Flowers by Shelley Rothgeb
Cotton broadcloth, cotton thread, Thermore batting (22"x15")
High Desert by Karin Scanlon
Cotton and tulle (29.5"x33")
Not For Sale
Monument Valley by Carol Sebastian-Neely
Batik and commercial fabric, batting, cloth backing, threads (26"x31.5")
Strata 7 by Brenda Smith
Hand-dyed and commercial cotton fabric, rayon, cotton thread (41"x32")
Living in Lamy by Mary Jo Stipe
Commercial cotton fabrics (48"x32")
Not For Sale
Monument Plant by Martha Turner
Cotton fabric, yarn, buttons (58"x18")
Flor de Nepal by Jo Van Loo
Hand dyed cotton, decorative thread, felt batting (27"x15.75")