Lunch Time Theater

The Herberger Theater is proud to showcase the work of diverse and emerging theater companies in our Lunch Time Theater. Read below for information on our 2022-2023 Season.

Lunch Time Theater offers one-act plays lasting 45 to 50 minutes, to which our guests can bring a lunch or pre-order one from the Herberger Theater’s caterer when ordering tickets. Tickets are $10 each, not including lunch, and the short plays and musicals feature some of the greatest rising groups in the Arizona theatre scene.

If when purchasing your ticket, you do not see lunch options we recommend you check back soon for the upcoming lunch options.

Box office will call ticketholders when lunches become available so guests who buy before lunches are on sale still get the option to do so.


Tickets may be purchased in advance, online or by calling our box office (602-252-8497). Our Box Office representatives have information about parking passes and our exciting new pre-ordered lunch options as well. You may bring your own lunch if you choose! To purchase tickets on the day of the show, go to the Kax Stage entrance off of Van Buren & 3rd Street.

Lunch Time Theater After Dark

Lunch Time Theater After Dark takes place on the first Monday of each show’s run at 7pm.


2022-2023 Season

And Now...A Word From Our Holiday Sponsors

November 28 – December 15, 2022
Order Chaos Theater Company

It’s 1953, and The Felix’s are America’s favorite TV sitcom family. The whole nation is glued to their sets for their live Christmas Eve Coast-to-Coast Holiday Episode – but when they can’t cut to commercial and have to stay live – the script goes out the window and hilarity ensues.

Written and Directed by Cat Hartmann

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Reverend King and Minister X

February 20 – March 2, 2023
Grey Matters Productions

Both fought against inequality in their own way. One was the charismatic national spokesman for the Nation of Islam. One was the leader of the American Civil Rights Movement of the sixties. The legacies of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., continue to shape the nation long after their assassinations. This is a fictional depiction of a meeting of minds between Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. How could these titans of history come together for an opportunity to share one thought?

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The Two Souls of Cesar Chavez

March 6 – March 16, 2023
New Carpa Theater Co.

On April 23, 1993, in the rural farm community of San Luis, Arizona, civil rights and farm labor leader Cesar Chavez is settling in after a long day of testifying in a weekslong civil trial about the worker abuses of a large regional agribusiness. Chavez is spending the night at the home of a retired farmworker. After dinner, he retires to his bedroom to tape record the latest installment of his memoirs. Chavez will die in his sleep that night.

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Kate’s Heartsong

May 8 – 18, 2023
Kate Kinhan-Specter

Join chanteuse Kate Kinhan-Specter for an unforgettable performance of beautiful music, hilarious comedy, and riveting storytelling in a cabaret experience like no other.
A one-woman show that blends songs and arias, humor and heartache, Kate’s HeartSong will take you on a powerful journey of one woman’s path that led her to the brink of death and back again due to a life-threatening heart condition.

Filled with light and love, Kate’s HeartSong delivers an eye-opening and positive message about women’s heart health, to help raise awareness for an issue that touches millions of lives every year.

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May 22 – June 1, 2023
T.A. Burrows – Act Two Productions

Between the 1950s and 1970s, American Bandstand was a TV classic; it featured America’s biggest hits and most popular artists. Now, Act Two Productions recalls that fabulous period with “BANDSTAND!” a musical anthology of memorable songs and singers from American Bandstand’s glory days.

Performed as a 45-minute concert, the show features award-winning entertainer T.A. Burrows, who uses his versatile vocal talents to perform a collection of pop classics in the unique style of artists such as Fats Domino, Elvis Presley, The Four Seasons, The Temptations, Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder, and more.

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June 5 – 15, 2023
Roman Orona

The PROPHECY experience is more than a Native American cultural presentation. PROPHECY expands the boundaries to captivate audiences with its resonating messages of unity, harmony, and trustworthiness. It is artfully woven into an awe-inspiring array of songs, dances, storytelling, naturescape/computer generated visuals and participatory arrangements. Keeping in stride with his Native American upbringing, Roman Oronoa skillfully weaves traditional foundations into a tapestry of present day concepts giving new perspective, color, and theme. PROPHECY is meant to inspire and promote a spirit of human transformation.

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A Letter From Judy Rollings

To all our wonderful Lunch Time Theater guests,

As many of you may already be aware, I find it is time for me to step away from LTT and enjoy some retirement. I’ve been threatening to do this for about 10 years, however the pull of this wonderful program, so generously supported by the Herberger Theater and it’s staff, combined with the love and joy that you, our audience, have brought to Lunch Time Theater, have kept me firmly and happily in this position.

I want to thank each and every one of you for continuing to be that 50% of live theater that makes it vital and important in our society. Thank you for your constant encouragement, your beautiful smiles, and the wonderful memories I shall keep of sharing Lunch Time Theater with you. I leave this Program in very good hands, Cescily Wiener and the rest of our Herberger staff will do it proud, I am sure.

With deep and sincere gratitude,
Judy Rollings