Lunch Time Theater

The Herberger Theater is proud to showcase the work of diverse and emerging theater companies in our Lunch Time Theater. 2024-2025 Season Coming Soon!

Apply for the 25/26 Season!

Lunch Time Theater is now accepting submissions for the 25/26 Season. Click below to submit:

Lunch Time Theater offers one-act plays lasting 45 to 50 minutes, to which our guests can bring a lunch or pre-order one from the Herberger Theater’s caterer when ordering tickets. Tickets are $10 each, not including lunch, and the short plays and musicals feature some of the greatest rising groups in the Arizona theatre scene.

If when purchasing your ticket, you do not see lunch options we recommend you check back soon for the upcoming lunch options.

Box office will call ticketholders when lunches become available so guests who buy before lunches are on sale still get the option to do so.


Tickets may be purchased in advance, online or by calling our box office (602-252-8497). Our Box Office representatives have information about our exciting new pre-ordered lunch options as well. You may bring your own lunch if you choose! To purchase tickets on the day of the show, go to the Kax Stage entrance off of Van Buren & 3rd Street.

Lunch Time Theater After Dark

Lunch Time Theater After Dark takes place on the first Monday of each show’s run at 7:00pm.

2023-2024 Season

93 til’ infinity: “Furious Styles: A Journey of Brotherhood, Beats, and Dreams”
JUNE 17 – 27, 2024
Presented By Furious Styles Crew

“Furious Styles: A Journey of Brotherhood, Beats, and Dreams” is an inspiring play that chronicles the extraordinary life of J. Edson “House” Magaña and the birth of the legendary Furious Styles Crew (FSC). Set against the backdrop of the vibrant hip-hop culture of the 1990s, the play follows House’s remarkable journey from his humble beginnings in Mexico City to his immigration to Chicago, where he discovers the transformative power of Hip Hop.


2024-2025 Season Coming Soon


Welcome from Cescily Wiener

Welcome to the 23-24 season for Lunch Time Theater!

There will be six shows featured this season, some old favorites and some “newbies”, which include dance, drama, musical theatre, and narrative nonfiction. It is indeed a privilege to work with these emerging and talented local theater companies and performers. To the directors and performers, we thank you for sharing your stories and your passion with us!

This season, we utilized audience feedback to curate performances that reflect the unique, diverse, and empowering stories within our communities. This innovative curation effort strengthens Lunch Time Theater’s commitment to helping new and emerging artists succeed in this industry. New to Lunch Time Theater is Dramaturge-in-Residence, Rod Ambrose, who is co-writing/directing the final show of the season, Furious Styles: A Journey of Brotherhood, Beats, and Dreams. This inspiring play chronicles the extraordinary life of J. Edson “House” Magaña and the transformative power of Hip Hop, which is especially poignant as we celebrate the induction of B-Boy and B-Girl Breaking (breakdance) competition in the upcoming 2024 Olympics.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to our wonderful sponsors. They have been essential to the success of Lunch Time Theater programming. I also want to thank Amber Robins, Community Engagement Associate, for her continued enthusiasm and dedication to HTC Outreach programming. Thank you to the HTC staff and volunteers, some of the hardest-working people I know in Arizona show business!

Most importantly, we thank you for coming and spending your lunchtime with us. We can’t do this without YOU!

Cheers! We look forward to seeing you at the next show!

Cescily Wiener, M.Ed
Director of Community Engagement
Herberger Theater Center