First Friday LIVE: Día de los Muertos


The Pavilion

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Herberger Theater Center

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Día de los Muertos

"Calaveras Cantantes y Calacas Bailantes" (Singing skulls and Dancing Skeletons)

The music of Peter Torsiello, Vincenzo Torsiello and Liliana de León of FLOR y PIEDRA brings an exciting interdisciplinary experience of their award winning songs mixed with traditional music, intercultural dance visions, conceptual poetry, spoken word moments, heel work, hand claps, castanets, fan and shawl work movements brought to life with emotive guitar sections, expressive vocals and percussive exclamations that bring an unforgettable experience of a celebration of life for all audiences. Beautiful and happy remembrances of time, togetherness and the journey of life filled with Color Culture and Love.

This FREE event will also include a Community Ofrenda alter, Live Art Demonstrations, access to the Spotlight Bar, and activities for children!

Art Gallery Opening Reception:
  • Rainbow Exhibit - Main Art Gallery
  • Autumn Exhibit - Bob's Spot Art Gallery



All Ages