The Art of Improvisation

April 14, 8:00PM

Stage West

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Shahrokh Moshkin-Ghalam, Pejman Hadadi, Behfar Bahadoran and Shabnam Tolouei will take the stage to explore the ecstatic art of improvised music, dance and theatrical recitation of Persian and Middle-eastern Poetry. Acclaimed as one of the world’s greatest dancers, Shahrokh’s revolutionary style will embody Pejman's masterful and mesmerizing percussive expressions and Behfar’s passionate motifs — based on the Persian classical Dastgah and Maqam melodic phrasings— on Tar, Setar and Tanbour. Internationally acclaimed Actress, Shabnam Tolouei, will theatrically recite and give voice to the the poems of several Iranian and Middle-eastern female poets to prepare the mood of this performance. The audience will be enthralled by this glorious celebration of Persian performing arts.

70 Minutes


All Ages