Mad Hatter the Musical | 2023-2024 Season



May 1 – 19, 2024
Center Stage

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“Discover the tale behind the Mad Hatter as we take you through his turbulent story; a sad, crippled young man named Franklin Magellan, aka Mad Hatter, and how he finds his to way Wonderland.”

While in Wonderland, Franklin becomes enamored with his new life void of pain and sadness but descends deeply into madness when he is accidentally sent back to his bleak life in London. Franklin does whatever it takes to return to Wonderland…

… even if it means leaving everyone behind

Audience Reviews of the West End Workshop Premiere

“We loved every minute of this production!”

-Chris and Sandria Hastings

★★★★★ “Amazing, absolutely Brilliant!”

–Angela Richards

“The Cheshire sisters stole the show!”

–Debbie Reynoldson


Just A Memory

Step Out

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