Walk With Me Exhibit

On display May 6 – June 1, 2022
Guest Curator – Jo Allebach

An exhibit featuring the work of Jo Allebach.

To purchase artwork, please contact Laurene Austin by email or (602) 254-7399 x105. 30% of the proceeds from your purchase are tax-deductible and benefit the Herberger Theater’s outreach and education programs. The art gallery is open Monday through Friday, 12PM to 4:30PM and during performances. Enter through the Box Office.


Queen Anne's Lace
Queen Anne's Lace (Acrylic 24"x36")
Cascade (Acrylic 16"x20")
"Baby" (Acrylic 24"x24")
Bright Light
Bright Light (Acrylic 16"x12")
Little House in Woods
Little House in Woods (Acrylic 20"x20")
Vacation in Destin
Vacation in Destin (Acrylic 24"x48")
Fairy Forest
Fairy Forest (Acrylic 20"x20")
Golden View
Golden View (Acrylic 18"x24")
After the Fire
After the Fire (Acrylic 36"x48")
Poppie Fence
Poppie Fence (Acrylic 24"x30")
Bike Path
Bike Path (Acrylic 36"x36")
Cloudy Morning
Cloudy Morning (Acrylic 24"x48")
Walk in the Park
Walk in the Park (Acrylic 12"x36")
Destination (Acrylic 18"x40")
Little Bike Path
Little Bike Path (Acrylic 24"x24")
Lacy Storm
Lacy Storm (Acrylic 24"x36")
On the Way
On the Way (Acrylic 24"x36")
Field of Sunshine
Field of Sunshine (Acrylic 24"x26")
Flowers From Heaven
Flowers From Heaven (Acrylic 24"x30")
Hope Springs Eternal
Hope Springs Eternal (Acrylic 24"x30")
Ponderosa Pine
Ponderosa Pine (Acrylic 24"x36")
Around the Bend
Around the Bend (Acrylic 24"x30")
Golden Aspens
Golden Aspens (Acrylic 48"x24")