Crimes of the Heart

April 4–20, 2025

The Kax Stage


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Order Chaos Theater Company

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Written by Beth Henley and Directed by Mark Alan Clemente

Meg's career is a wreck, Lenny is celebrating her birthday alone, and Babe has just been accused of shooting her husband," the Magrath sisters converge in their small Mississippi hometown, Hazlehurst, awaiting news of their grandfather's impending passing. Lenny, the eldest, faces the pressures of spinsterhood; Meg, the middle sister, returns from a failed singing career on the West Coast; and Babe, the youngest, grapples with legal troubles after shooting her husband. Amidst their familial turmoil, they confront their past with a blend of gravity and humor, buoyed by the presence of their prudish cousin, Chick, and a lovestruck young lawyer. As they navigate their challenges, the play explores themes of resilience, redemption, and the quest for a brighter future, all while delivering a poignant, hilarious, and unforgettable narrative of family and sisterhood.